Celebrating the 32nd Anniversary of Salem’s Lot

Somewhere between November 17th and November 24th, 1979, I was “movie-scared” for the first time. “Movie-Scared” is a term my oldest daughter coined a couple of years ago to describe the experience of being completely and gleefully terrified by something that shows up on screen.

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Zombies are Everywhere

Frank Darabont’s series, The Walking Dead, on AMC reached more adults between the ages of 18 and 49 than any cable show in history. And that’s only one example of how zombies are taking over.

zombie-girl zombie-girl

Inappropriate? Only if You Know What it Means

Life is all about stories, and what we make of these stories changes every time we tell them or hear them. Inappropriate doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Inappropriate deserves more respect than that.

child child

24 Days Later

March 25th is the big day. The Zombie Autopsies will finally be available.

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Brain Strain: Making Sense of the Elusive Organ

Aristotle, a reportedly pretty smart guy, also thought about brains. He thought that the brain existed primarily to cool the blood.

Portrait of the mind Portrait of the mind
How to Zombie Proof Your Car

Use everyday household items to ready yourself for the apocalypse.  Very helpful information.  You’ll be seeing me in my Kia Rondo. How to Zombie Proof Your Car

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Why is Saying Goodbye So Dang Hard?

My ideal self would wink and say “so-long.” This fantasy self would slowly walk away with easy confidence and at least the appearance of self-assured resolve. But the true self? Hell, it barely makes it out the front door.

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Zombies Make Humans Seem Cool – My Response

I see every zombie story as an example of what not to do, and chief among the list of what not to do is to forget our ongoing, unique, and rarefied tension between the drive to be pack animals and the drive to be something special. This balance is a dialectic, and always will be.

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Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, or the Grateful Dead: Does it Matter When You’re Three?

Matters of musical taste from a 3-year-old’s perspective

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NFL Rule Changes

What’s the Big Debate? Brain Damage is a Bad Thing

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