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New Book on the Way

Hey Friends
A labor of love has come near an end as I prepare to publish my next novel. It ain’t a zombie novel, but it is super-natural and even has a healthy dose of philosophy. It is also meant to be darkly funny and adolescent, and it deals with that wonderful construct of summer: the summer camp monster. You know, the one that you were told didn’t exist. The monster your counselors used to scare the bleep out of you while you tried to sleep, far away from your parents, in your cabin in the woods. The thing that lived in the lake, or up above tree-line in the mountains, or maybe spun giant webs between cottonwood trees and pines. What if…just what if it were real? Wouldn’t you want to see it? Why WOULDN’T you want to see it?

I always thought I wanted to see that monster when I was a kid. Now, after finishing this book, I’m not so sure.

More to come.


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