Pop Culture Zombies

Zombies Make Humans Seem Cool – My Response

I see every zombie story as an example of what not to do, and chief among the list of what not to do is to forget our ongoing, unique, and rarefied tension between the drive to be pack animals and the drive to be something special. This balance is a dialectic, and always will be.

katy perry
Family Kids Music

Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, or the Grateful Dead: Does it Matter When You’re Three?

Matters of musical taste from a 3-year-old’s perspective

football brain injury

NFL Rule Changes

What’s the Big Debate? Brain Damage is a Bad Thing

Pop Culture Zombies

Hello Zombie World!

Here’s the thing, though.  Zombies?  They aren’t likely to be friendly.  They aren’t likely to be all that mean either.  They’re just, well, zombies.  They shamble about and try to eat you, buts its not personal.  Its business – zombie business.  Kind of like the Sopranos without much dialogue. And my business has somehow become zombie business, which is just way cool.  So, at Spooky Empire I have the honor of participating in a panel or two and even being…

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Pop Culture Zombies

You Can’t Deny It: Those Zombies are Hot!

You can’t really deny the zombie thing. You can shake your head and you can wonder and you can ponder and you can act like none of it makes any sense to you, but you just can’t deny it. The evidence screams (or, more appropriately, moans) that zombies are definitely in.

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What if Aliens Were Real?

“What if really smart aliens gave us a time out?” That’s my question. Then, could we get our act together?

Kids Music

AC/DC On My Professional Air Guitar

The opening riff of “Back in Black” makes me want to parachute from a plane, to blithely enter a boxing ring, to brazenly go back and be 17 years old again and dial the last digit of every phone number that belongs to every girl that I ever almost called.

waynes world
Family Medicine

Wayne’s World, Wigs, Wecovery and Wesilience

I look exactly and uncomfortably like Garth Algar from Wayne’s World when I wear my wife’s wig. This may sound sort of clichéd and confessional (i.e. “Hi, my name is Steve, and I like to wear my wife’s wig”) but that’s not what this is about. The fact is, a few weekends back, my whole family took turns wearing my wife’s hairpiece. My 9 year old looked sort of retro, like a new member of the B-52’s without the mini-skirt.…

Movies Pop Culture

A Vampire Flick with Emotional Teeth

I am a fan of vampires. I have been for a very long time; ever since I was 11 years old, enjoying one of the first evenings when my parents saw fit to trust me at home alone. “I can watch whatever I want on television,” I thought, grabbing some Pringles and Dr. Pepper and settling in on the family couch in our wood paneled living room. I switched on the newly arrived Showtime Cable Entertainment Network, and scared the…